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This very unique running race takes place in a World Heritage Site, along the 21km gravel road of the Sani Pass, through the magnificent scenic route between the Premier Resort Sani Pass and the Lesotho border post. The 42.2km Marathon starts on the Sani Pass hotel golf course and is run to the top of the Sani Pass at the Lesotho border and back down again. The race route has been measured and approved by ASA and an international course measurer. Even though the route is on a dirt road, it is rocky and uneven in places. This truly is an adventure Marathon! Runcation has put together a weekend special for runners and supporters. There will be live music, a bar and a South African style braai on offer on Saturday afternoon. All are encouraged to stay and enjoy the afternoon, but those who stay at Sani Pass Hotel will be close to the action – for the race and festivities.



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Is this the toughest marathon in the world?

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We’ll kick off in Cape Town where TABLE MOUNTAIN awaits.

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We will visit the PENGUINS, wine farms, Robben Island & more.


We’ll run on the TWO OCEANS ULTRA Route to prepare our legs.

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On our way to the Drakensberg, we’ll check out the COMRADES Route and visit the MuseuM.


Then it’s time to take on your SANI STAGGER challenge.

We’ll be there for you at the finish line.

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after We’ll celebrate South African style at the Sani Pass Hotel.

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No Runcation is complete without a bucket list AFRICAN SAFARI.

For more on the event itself, and how to enter, have a look at their website: 

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Photography: Julie Steele, Anthony Grotes.