South Africa’s iconic five day Whale Trail hiking route is offered as a challenge to runners capable of embracing all 53km and 1900m elevation as a trail running ultra, packed with spectacular mountain fynbos, technical rocky ridgelines, sandy beach stretches and endless, mind blowing, beautiful vistas all in one day.

It has become a must-do for those who have already tackled the more conventional runs out there and bragging rights on this one are substantial! The Merrell Whale of Trail event is the only opportunity each year for a limited number of nature loving athletes to run hard on this trail while treading lightly on the earth. 

We have put together a fun week of trail and tourism to guide you to the Whale, including a bit of time in Cape Town, then up to De Hoop for race weekend, the Event itself, and finishing off with a Big Five Safari.

Have a look at our tailormade tour designed around this event:
Whale of Trail 2019 Runcation

For more on the event itself, have a look at their website: