This notorious race, dubbed “The Grail of Trail” is quite something to experience. Off limits to runners all year round, it is mysterious and magical. Runners will pass through some challenging and stunningly beautiful terrain including ancient forests, pristine rivers, and brutal steps up and down and up again. This relentless mix has broken many a runner, and the marathon trail distance of the Otter makes for a big day out. All in all, a fabulous challenge.

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Why join Runcation for The OTTER TRAIL RUN?


get a guaranteed entry to this SOLD OUT classic, and a dream holiday in South Africa.


We’ll kick off in Cape Town showing you our local trails…


...and around our BEAUTIFUL city Cape Town.

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It’s a VACATION. Plenty of time to enjoy!


For the race we’ll stay in Nature’s Valley so Registration and the Prologue are no hassle.

We’ll be there for RACE SUPPORT and advice.


We’ll celebrate together at the FINISH line and Prize Giving dinner.


Then we’ll enjoy a BIG 5 SAFARI. A fitting end to a Dream Runcation.

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Photography: Jordi Saragossa, Jacques Marais.