Ultra-Trail® Drakensberg 2019

Runcation has been appointed as the official accommodation and logistics partner for Ultra-Trail® Drakensberg 2019. We have put together customized travel packages to help you, the runner, get the most out of your UTD experience. We take care of all the details, you just arrive and enjoy the run.

Click here here to learn more about the 2 packages:
Sani Pass Base
Bushman's Nek Base 


IMPORTANT STUFF - All Runners and Supporters

  • Ultra-Trail® Drakensberg is a point to point race. All the races all feed onto the route and finish at Bushman’s Nek, it is just where you start that is decided by the distance you have chosen to run.

  • UTD 160km: covers two countries and goes through two nights, it starts on Friday at 9am when the race busses take the runners up Sani Pass, and finishes on Sunday Morning at 9am.

  • This is all flippen awesome and each distance is an amazing and rewarding challenge in its own right...

  • BUT...be aware…this awesomeness comes with logistical challenges.

  • The good news is: that is why we are here. To make UTD Easy for you.

  • No…the run is still a true test of your grit and determination, we are just smoothing the logistics of a point to point race that traverses the sparse mountain road network rather than running parallel to it.

  • Premier Resorts Sani Pass Hotel and The First Resorts Bushman’s Nek Berg and Trout Resort have really come to the party in support of Ultra-Trail® Drakensberg, offering fantastic deals for the rooms and meals, and really going out of their way to make the event work for you.

  • However - we can’t offer all things to all people, but we have created some options.

  • Sani Pass Hotel is the primary race base, and Sunday prize giving brunch venue. With breakfast and dinner included, and optional shuttles to get you back from the finish - this is the relax and focus on your run option.

  • Bushman’s Nek is the finish venue. The options we have here are more suited to people travelling in their own cars, and most of the rooms are self catering. The restaurant is available for meal as and when you want to eat there. The hotel has included shuttles to the starts of all races in the packages.

  • You can take a room by yourself, but the pricing favours taking advantage of all the beds in the rooms. If you organise among yourselves and have one person manage the booking and payment, you will get the best value. We will endeavour to assist where we have two single travelers looking to find someone to share a room with, but no guarantees.

  • If a shuttle isn’t leaving exactly when you want to go…chill, enjoy the atmosphere. We absolutely don’t want you having a rough experience to ruin your post race buzz, but we can’t do the 2 hour round trip every time someone finishes. There will be regular shuttles.

  • Just talk to us, so we can keep you up to speed and make contingency plans as we go.

UTD 160 Runners

  • We trust you to know your own game, but we do suggest you arrive at the very latest on Thursday afternoon to allow you to get out and flush the travel out your legs on Thursday evening.

  • You will be out on the trail for Friday night. We will however need to hold you room for you, even if you don’t have family supporting you (fyi – they need to sleep even if you don’t).

  • The bonus is your room will be waiting for you when you are done, no need to pack up…even if you have to drop out (hopefully NOT).

  • We’ll remove the cost of your meals while out on the trail. We think you deserve a little customising…just don’t tell the others.

  • The genuine Lesotho Cow Bell UTD160 finishers ‘medal’ is waiting for you at prize giving on Sunday, which is at Sani Pass hotel at 11am. If you do want to base yourself at Bushman’s Nek, we can get you to the race bus departure to Sani Top on Friday morning, but you’ll need to check out after breakfast on Sunday and head to prize giving. Or be prepared for a two hour round trip.

  • We can assist…let us know.

UTD 100 Runners

  • As with the 160 runners, we are pretty sure you know how you like to prepare for a big race, but we do suggest you arrive at the latest on Thursday afternoon. You can check out the route a bit on Friday to get the legs loose, and get into the race vibe at your pace.

  • You have a really really early start on Saturday, shuttles leave the hotel for the start at the SA border post at 3.45am.

  • You can choose to stay at Bushman’s Nek before your race, but we don’t advise it unless you are able to get to bed really early. Attending race briefing at Sani Pass hotel will mean you will only get back to Bushman’s at ~9pm. You will need to leave at ~2.15am to get to the start or organisers 3.45 race shuttle ie. a stupid early wake up is required!

GCU 62 Runners

  • There is a broad range of you. Some taking on your first ultra, some are old hands…and everything in-between.

  • Your options are pretty much the same…you can choose the Package which appeals the most to you.

  • Check out the “IF” section to help make up your mind.

SDR 30 Runners

  • There is also broad range of you. Some will race the sun to the finish line and be ready to celebrate the runners coming in behind you. For others a first time night race, a life changing and quite demanding challenge.

  • Like the GCU crew you can choose the Package which appeals the most to you.

  • Check out the “If..” section to help make up your mind.

Prize Giving

  • Spurg and Matt would really love to have all runners at prize giving on Sunday, particularly the UTD 160 finishers.

  • If you do include Sunday night in a Bushman’s Nek package, it is a two hour round trip to be part of it. So we reckon it is probably more pragmatic to have your own celebration with friends, family and other runners at the beautiful pool and lawn at Bushman’s Nek.

  • If you have your own car and plan to head for home after breakfast on Sunday then you can pop in to prize giving.