• ...you want to be part of the race atmosphere as much as possible, Sani Pass Base Package from before UTD160 through Prize Giving on Sunday is your Full Immersion Ideal.

  • ...you are driving to UTD, and particularly if you have supporters who can take you to the start and want to follow you on the course…then you can choose any package (be aware UTD100: if you choose to stay at Bushman’s Nek on Friday night, it's an extra 60 minutes to get to a very early start. The hotel shuttle will leave at 2.15am)

  • ...staying as close to the finish line so you can flop into bed is key…then Bushman’s Nek Base is what you are looking for. Note - these packages are room only. The hotel units are NOT self catering. The Studio, 2 and 3 bedroom units are self catering and the hotel restaurant is available for all.

  • ...you want as much shut eye before the race as possible, then don’t opt for Bushman’s Nek before the race.

  • ...you are panicking about not getting to the finish at Bushman’s Nek before the last shuttle back to the start for the night (~2am) – relax…we have you covered. There will be a room with some mattresses and blankets for Runcation guests to nap for a few hours. And…being at the finish line after sunrise on Sunday, watching the backmarkers come in…is a seriously moving experience.